James Hinton

I am a spiritual energy healer and have been a member of Kent International Healing Association since 2013 and certified as a Healing Tutor since December 2019 although the pandemic has had a direct effect on contact healing I make it part of my routine daily to send distance healing to those on my healing list and globally to the world.

I work principally as a healer at Hythe Christian Spiritual church in Kent which I have attended since 2006 and have worked at events at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festivals at Kensington Olympia in April 2017 and at the Birmingham NEC, in November 2017, 2018 and 2019 and at the Healing Fields at Glastonbury music festival in 2019. I really enjoyed my experience at Glastonbury, it was a truly valuable experience of being present in the moment at the world’s greatest festival.


There was a really good team spirit amongst the different therapists and the importance of being able to offer the festival-goers a diversity of therapeutic support was key – listening to their problems as well as sharing the wonderful gift of healing, a gift that just keeps on giving.


I consider myself an experienced healer, having given around 600 healing sessions since 2015. I blend with the energy source and channel that healing energy to the client. I truly feel that healing brings balance at physical, emotional and mental levels. I believe that the gift of natural empathy and calmness help towards the benefits of healing given by me and of course the energy from the spirit world. I am but a channel.


My future plans are to participate in the development of a Healing Hub at a beautiful converted Victorian chapel with my partner Jo. When we first set foot there the wonderful energies spoke to us and we embarked on a quest to create a healing space.


Somewhat hindered by the pandemic we are now ready to proceed with our project and be guided by the light and sacred energy that surrounds us and serve Spirit.

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