KIHA is a body promoting the relief of ill health in a holistic manner.  We seek to establish harmony of mind, body and spirit through the gentle but effective therapy of energy healing.


We also seek co-operation between therapists of different healing traditions, on whatever level they may work, to enable us to work together in a truly holistic way towards the health and healing of the planet and our fellow beings.


We recognise and respect all registered medical practitioners and welcome the increasing awareness and acceptance by the medical profession of energy healing therapy. We seek mutual understanding between them and practitioners of other complementary therapies, so that we may work together for the benefit of the patient.

The paramount consideration in any energy healing activity is the welfare of the patient. We require our members to act in accordance with the oath of Hippocrates and observe the K.I.H.A. Code of Conduct at all times.


We believe that the services of energy healers should be made available to all who are in need of them without distinction of race, class or religious belief.