Kent Spiritual Healers Association (later changed to Kent Healers Association) was founded in 1947/48. It came about because some churches, who were interested in Healing, wished to form an association for the promotion of Healing. It was Harry Edwards’ demonstrations at that time which prompted this move to form our own County Association.


In 1954, Harry Edwards met the Chairs of the Kent Healers and Essex Healers to discuss the formation of a National Healing Association. The Association became known as the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (N.F.S.H.). The County Associations came to form the membership and Kent and Essex were the first two County Association members.


Later the N.F.S.H. bought premises at Loughton, Essex, which became the National Headquarters for the N.F.S.H. with Harry Edwards as its President. As healing progressed, the N.F.S.H. allowed individual members to join the Federation. After Harry Edwards passed, (29th May 1893 – 7th December 1976) there was dissension between individual members and the County Associations over voting rights. This caused the withdrawal of the County Associations from the N.F.S.H.


Later in 1977, representatives of the County Associations met in London to discuss how they should proceed with their Associations now that they were isolated from the N.F.S.H. From this meeting the umbrella group known as the British Alliance of Healing Associations (B.A.H.A.) was formed in 1977.


Harry Edwards gave the first public healing demonstration organised by the Kent Healers Association in 1952 and gave one of his last public demonstrations, which was also organised by the Kent Healers Association (K.H.A.) in 1976. A number of K.H.A. members were invited on to the platform with him. It was heldat Wilsons Hall Ramsgate Kent in October 1976.

Kent Healers Association founded in 1947/48 achieved charity status in April 1980. Another milestone has been added to the history. Due to the expansion of members in the U.K. and within Europe a name change was proposed to recognise this. A resolution was made and accepted by all at the A.G.M. 8th October 2005 that “Kent Healers Association will now be known as Kent International Healing Association” (K.I.H.A.). This change was approved by the Charity, Commissioners.


At B.A.H.A.’s. A.G.M. held on the 28th October 2006 a name change was adopted to recognise its international connections, It was decided to drop British from its title. Now known as Alliance of Healing Associations. (A.H.A.)


At the meeting held on 1st September 2007 K.I.H.A. made an application to the Confederation of Healing Organisations to become a member and to have its own input and voting rights. The proposal was accepted and K.I.H.A. became a full member.


K.I.H.A. became an Associate Member of the Integrated Health Trust “Promoting State of the Art Integrated Health” in May 2008.


At the executive meeting held on 14th March 2009, it was proposed and accepted that K.I.H.A. withdraw its membership of A.H.A. K.I.H.A. is a direct member of U.K Healers, meeting U.K Healers Standards, Second Edition (Accreditation stage 4). From this date the K.I.H.A. became an independent and self-regulating Healing Association.