Can you help with my problems?


Energy Healing can take many forms. It may be that a person simply wishes to talk about problems affecting their life. The therapist will appreciate that this is an important role in the energy healing session, which will help the patient.

Can my doctor recommend this type of healing?


Energy healing is accepted by the British Medical Association (B.M.A.) and The Patient’s Charter, therefore you can ask your Doctor to refer you to an energy therapist. You have a right to request healing. We do not guarantee a cure and our code of conduct forbids us to claim that a cure can be effected.


Energy Healing is complementary to orthodox medicine. We always aim to work in co-operation with the medical profession remembering that, if a patient is referred by a Doctor the Doctor retains overall responsibility for that patient. Similarly, the Veterinary Surgeon retains overall responsibility for animals.

Can energy healing help the terminally ill?


Yes. Pain is often alleviated and it helps the patient come to terms with the prognosis and a sense of peace is experienced. The fear of death felt by some may also be dispelled. The bereaved too can often find much comfort and strength from the healing energy.

Can I receive healing at home?


Yes. The therapist may be able to arrange this with you.

What can the healing energy help?


Energy healing operates at many levels, the physical, mental and emotional. It can help boost the immune system, reduce stress and stress related conditions. It is also used to alleviate chronic conditions and age related conditions.

What is the responsibility of the KIHA?


While the Association takes all precautions when accepting individuals for membership, it cannot be held responsible for an act by a member that might be contrary to its Code of Conduct. However, if the KIHA should receive a complaint about one of its members, it has an investigative and disciplinary procedure to follow in the event that any of its members have not adhered to it’s Constitution or Code of Conduct. All our therapists carry out a mandatory training period to a high standard, before sitting in front of an assessment board to qualify as a Full Member of the Association.


KIHA Training and code of conduct has for many years stated that therapists must not make claims to cure or guarantee recovery.