Energy Healing is distinguished from other therapies and practices by being a non-invasive and non-manipulative therapy. No medicines or drugs are given; no inroad into the body or mind is made. It seeks the wholeness of the patient by bringing mind and body into harmony and releasing the inbuilt curative powers of the body so they become active. It recognises the source of healing to be divine or universal energy, working in and through those who channel it.


How does it work?


The body is designed to heal itself, but sometimes its own healing ability is overwhelmed by stress, accident, disease or ageing. Energy therapy can direct energy to re-vitalise the mind – body. This can be achieved by laying-on of hands (contact healing) or energy direction (distant healing).


How is the Healing attained?


To begin an Energy Therapy Treatment, the therapist will start by placing their hands on the client’s shoulders there is no manipulation or massage. There is no need for the removal of clothing; clothes cannot obstruct the healing energy. The therapist will ensure that the patient is comfortable and will help them to relax. An open mind and positive attitude will help the healing process.

How will I feel?


You may feel warmth or coldness emanating from the therapist’s hands or perhaps a slight tingling or trembling or nothing at all. As the self-healing process is activated it may then continue allowing benefits of the treatment to be experienced over a longer period of time. The therapist will connect with you and the Universal flow of energy. The therapist may then focus on any area of the body, which has been highlighted as having a specific problem (such as a back problem). Treatment may promote peace and relaxation helping to reduce stress and tension and allowing the body space and time to begin the self-healing process.


What is its purpose?


Healing goes beyond securing physical improvement. The purpose is to aid health through balancing and harmonising mind, body and spirit, the three elements of your being. It helps you to realise that often health or illness is influenced by the mind. Your mental state can either help or hinder the smooth working of your body. Old grievances, guilt complexes, resentments, fears or other harmful emotions can manifest as ill health. Energy Therapy will help to release these issues. If you know that you have problems of this nature, discuss them with your therapist.