Training For New Members


We offer a comprehensive, professional and flexible training programme with one of our registered Tutors. If you are drawn to healing, becoming a student with KIHA will offer you a training that is second to none. You will be assigned a Tutor who will over see your written and practical work. If you are a trained Complementary Therapist and wish to become an Energy Healer, you can benefit from your experience and so reduce the training time.We also welcome applications from allopathic doctors, paramedics and ministers of religion who regularly practice healing.


Practising Healers


If you are or have been a member of another healing organisation and wish to join us, you would be required to produce a current certificate or proof of your relevant qualifications backed up with references. You would then be assessed for full membership of the Association.

Former KIHA Members


Kent Healers who have let their membership lapse and who would like to reinstate their membership are warmly welcomed back.


Become A Tutor


If you would like to become a Tutor with KIHA you will need a minimum of two years experience as qualified healer. Contact our Training Coordinator.


KIHA operate a comprehensive training programme that enables students to acquire the knowledge and skills required for the energy healing, and for support and guidance to be provided by a Tutor during the training period during which each student practises under supervision.


Whilst energy healing is considered to be an innate gift and not necessarily an intellectual matter, it is generally expected that the student will be guided in acquiring some knowledge in the following areas: basic anatomy and physiology, an understanding of the nature of disease, listening skills, chakras, energy centres and auras, attunement and meditation, contact and distant healing practice and procedures. Familiarity with KIHA Code of Conduct and the Complaints & Disciplinary Procedures will be essential, as will good record keeping procedures, together with an understanding of the effect on record keeping, regarding the Data Protection Act 1998 (2000), and awareness of the various laws that affect the relationship between therapist and client.


To assist in the above process each student receives a comprehensive training manual and has one to one tuition with their designated tutor.


When the tutor feels the student is ready they will put the student forward for assessment and on passing the student will then be entitled to become a full member of the association. This can take one to two years depending on the progress of the student concerned.

Why Join KIHA?


We provide:

  • Comprehensive healer insurance for UK members.
  • Certificate and Annual Membership ID Card.
  • KIHA Magazine twice a year.
  • Affiliate Membership through us of UK Healers, Membership of the Confederation of Healing Organisations (CHO), and The GRCCT (General Regulatory Council of Complementary Therapists. We represent our members at meetings and disseminate relevant information on current healing legislation, education and C.P.P.D. (Continuing Personal, Professional Development) etc.
  • Opportunities for C.P.P.D.
  • Annual General Meeting followed by a Chat Room for members to meet and discuss their issues and activities. All members are welcome to attend.
  • Opportunity to develop further as a tutor.
  • The backing and support of a well established, well respected and leading healing association.
  • A good reputation. Our members work in hospitals, churches, Age Concern and other reputable organisations.