Peter Danby

Peter Danby

Healer, Facilitator and Coach

I began my training as a spiritual facilitator in 1992; a student at White Lodge School of Spiritual Psychotherapy with William Lambert and Peter Goldman and achieved the Teacher level in 2000. In 2002-2004, I gained a post-graduate certificate in spiritual development and facilitation at the University of Surrey.

I qualified as a healer with Kent International Healers Association in 1994 and was initiated to Reiki Master Level in 1998. I adopted the practices of mindfulness and meditation back in 1990 and have run workshops at London Business School since 2004. I qualified as a Qi Gong Instructor with British Health in 2018 to add another dimension to my healing work.


I have been an Independent Leadership Development Facilitator and Coach since 1992 when I left the British Army after 14 years of service. I have worked with London Business School for 30 years as a programme director and coach, working with managers from over 70 countries around the world. My associate work has included Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, UK Sport, Elite Coaching Programme for the 2016 Olympics and mentoring on the Queen’s Young Leader Programme for young people in the Commonwealth.


I have qualified as a Rugby, Cricket and Football Coach with a Diploma in Sports Psychology. I am accredited in a number of psychometric instruments. I have published two books – On Life: A Collection of Poems and Writings and Awaken the Soul, Release the Spirit, a mystical guide.


In 2008, I established a small charitable trust which has grown into the Small Acts of Kindness charity. It is currently running a leadership programme using sport as the vehicle for learning with communities in the war-effected regions of Sri Lanka, with young girls and rural communities in Nepal, children in Rwanda and young refugees in Greece.

James Hinton

James Hinton

I am a spiritual energy healer and have been a member of Kent International Healing Association since 2013 and certified as a Healing Tutor since December 2019 although the pandemic has had a direct effect on contact healing I make it part of my routine daily to send distance healing to those on my healing list and globally to the world.

I work principally as a healer at Hythe Christian Spiritual church in Kent which I have attended since 2006 and have worked at events at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festivals at Kensington Olympia in April 2017 and at the Birmingham NEC, in November 2017, 2018 and 2019 and at the Healing Fields at Glastonbury music festival in 2019. I really enjoyed my experience at Glastonbury, it was a truly valuable experience of being present in the moment at the world’s greatest festival.


There was a really good team spirit amongst the different therapists and the importance of being able to offer the festival-goers a diversity of therapeutic support was key – listening to their problems as well as sharing the wonderful gift of healing, a gift that just keeps on giving.


I consider myself an experienced healer, having given around 600 healing sessions since 2015. I blend with the energy source and channel that healing energy to the client. I truly feel that healing brings balance at physical, emotional and mental levels. I believe that the gift of natural empathy and calmness help towards the benefits of healing given by me and of course the energy from the spirit world. I am but a channel.


My future plans are to participate in the development of a Healing Hub at a beautiful converted Victorian chapel with my partner Jo. When we first set foot there the wonderful energies spoke to us and we embarked on a quest to create a healing space.


Somewhat hindered by the pandemic we are now ready to proceed with our project and be guided by the light and sacred energy that surrounds us and serve Spirit.

Carol Dale

Carol Dale

I have been healing for many years. I started in a local Church where it gave me great satisfaction to help people from many walks of life, and as a healing group we worked well together.

I successfully completed the 3 years spiritual self-development course and went on to become a tutor which allowed me to teach others that wanted to learn healing.


KIHA brought in an assessment program for which I applied to become an assessor, as I had been a healer for over 5 years as this was a requirement and I am still an assessor today.


Over the years I have worked in many places like age concern in Sandwich Kent, the cricket club in Deal and now with 3 friends we work in our homes giving one day to healing.


I have even travelled abroad for healing assessments to Portugal and Spain.

Glenda Procter

Glenda Procter

“People are awaking to the knowledge that more exists, in our daily lives. Mysteries are often beyond our comprehension. Healing helps balance and harmonise the mind. body and spirit; the three elements of our wellbeing.”

I lived in Kent and East Sussex for over two decades but now I have made a home with my husband in the beautiful Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.


I now work as a professional celebrant specialising in Handfastings and wedding celebrations. The two loves of my life, love and healing, merged to enable me to offer very spiritual and sensitive ceremonies.


I have spent my entire career as a teacher, tutor, coach and trainer, in a variety of subjects. I hold accreditations for teaching, both children and adults. I have natural empathy and understanding, that allows people to feel comfortable and relaxed in my company and a great sense of humour too!


I became an accredited healer with KIHA back in 2005 and a registered tutor a decade later in 2015.


Prior to this, during the mid-90s, I received certificates for spiritual development from the NFSH. National Federation of Spiritual Healers.


As a spiritual/energy healer who has worked both from home and at festivals; raising awareness of energy healing and how it works.


I began my spiritual journey in the footsteps of my late father, an engineer in the RAF. He wrote a book on physic phenomenal – which was way ahead of his time – “From Ape Man to Angel” In his company my awareness of ‘other’ things was awakened. I learnt how to dose in my late teens and sat with him discussing all matters of things! At the time this had a profound effect on my life and inspired me to train as a healer.


Over the years I have gained vast experience in the field of energy healing. I regularly have, clients visit me to seek healing treatment. I have also done distant and animal healing.


I first attended Glastonbury Festival in 2013 working in the Healing Fields. There were some 180 different therapists in the Healing Fields I worked in a beautiful and spacious cream yurt which provides the perfect, peaceful environment for healing.


Glastonbury is now one of my favourite annual healing destinations. I work long days meeting a great variety of people. My clients range from the young to the elderly, both male and female. They can include teenagers who have just finished their exams, Afghanistan veterans and even the occasional celebrity. Some are initially sceptical of healing and are curious to see the results, while many people I encounter have shared the same lifelong spiritual feelings.


One thing all my clients seem to have in common is a big smile and a feeling of love and peace.


In 2017 I was fortunate to experience an hour-long talk from the Dali Lama, who attended Glastonbury for the first time!


I have been overwhelmed by the comments from Clients over the years, regarding the impact of my work.

Testimonials from my clients

I cannot even begin to put into words- the most amazing feeling of relaxation-I couldn’t feel any pain. The most beautiful colours and light that that left me warm all over.

WOW! I feel gloriously relaxed. I saw a lot of purple colours and shapes. I felt a warmth on my shoulders and a tingling on my knees. Thank you so very much.

The Healing I received today was absolutely amazing and so very relaxing. I will definitely return for more. An incredible experience.

That was wonderful. Lost for words. I shall definitely be back for more...

Douglas Ballard

Douglas Ballard

My own life path has taken me to the United States and Europe as well as around the UK since I realised I had the gift of healing more than 30 years ago. I was already enjoying success in the UK in business and had been admitted as a member of the Chartered Management Institute. Little did I realise how my business acumen would help others in the future.

It was in Aspen, Colorado back in 1990 when my abilities were first recognised. Quite unexpectedly, I found I could apply healing energy, not just in the relief of pain and to help alleviate a wide range of conditions, but also to work with autistic children in Michigan and many sick people in New York. Since then I have helped countless numbers who have suffered from long-term physical pain and unresponsive illnesses.


I subsequently developed my ability to provide in-depth analysis and understanding of an individual’s life. It works at every level. For the individual, particularly those who are in need of help, I bring reassurance and understanding. Because I can also call on my own past experience in business, I can assist individuals and also professional people with stress and anxiety from all walks of life. Overall, this very different approach helps them all as they attempt to put their current personal life into perspective.


Over the years, I have earned an enviable reputation, utilising my skills for the benefit of those who need them. Today, I dedicate my life both in the UK and abroad to helping others. I feel at home whether I am working in private, on stage where I present lively demonstrations of healing, in relaxed workshops, giving lectures or presenting my story and the positive case for healing to the media.


I connect with my healing source which enables me to offer personal healing sessions. I can offer my abilities as a healing practitioner with the objective of bringing comfort and relief, especially to those who may have endured severe pain for many years. My work both here and abroad, together with my earlier experience as a successful businessman, has earned me an outstanding reputation.

Testimonials from my clients


January 2022 is a new year and 6 months have passed since my last chemo. On reflection I know that Douglas has saved me from the life-threatening operation on my intestine, brought me through the treatment and healed me to the point where I feel as healthy as I did 15 months ago. My hair has grown back and I have put on weight. Don't think this is the end just because you have cancer, there is always alternative help to get you through this. Who knows? Personally, without Douglas' help I doubt I would be here today and I am grateful to contemplate tomorrow.


Douglas is a wonderful healer. I am a Director of Elite Talent in London managing Celebrities and the job can be very demanding sometimes causing considerable anxiety. My anxiety had lifted and I no longer felt stressed and ready to take on the world. I see Douglas weekly for healing to keep my energy levels high.


Douglas has helped me with a severe back injury. I had been in pain for months with a prolapse disc. I still cannot understand how he did it but this is why this world leading healer achieves miracles for so many people in so many countries.


- Long term back ache suffer scales down medical appointments following Healing result -

I have had a number of different types of experiences with regards to healing. For my physical side I normally go to my osteopath, But I was introduced to Douglas so I thought I would give him a try to see if there was something he could do that’s something different to what I had experienced previously.


- Permanent relief for Crohn’s sufferer -

I am grateful to have met Douglas. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and it took a lot out of me. I was extremely tired, barely eating any foods without experiencing pain, my body ached and life was just miserable. Eating is a big part of life and I could no longer go out socially as I was too uncomfortable. It’s been a year now that I have had treatment with him, I can go out and eat ice cream, I can eat chocolate, I can eat crisps – all the things that are bad for you and I enjoy it and feel good about myself. I have had tests recently for my Crohn’s Disease and it’s looking positive.